How to get your FIRST Repwarn Sale

How to get your FIRST sale With Repwarn

As elementary as it sounds…

if you never SHOW anyone Repwarn… you won’t make any sales.

I have had a lot of people contact me with the question of “How can I make my first sale”?
So I thought it best to drop a few notes in here.

To make a sale with Repwarn, You need to have someone click to see the product from YOUR link.

Step 1: Get your link.

We show you how, and give you the steps in your Repwarn Resellers area.
And get your link

Step 2: Get your link in front of people

  • You can do this in a number of ways.
  • Get some business cards printed and give them to people.
  • Get flyers printed – and get them up at shopping centers, accountants offices, business groups etc.

Step 3: Use the FREE REPORT 

Watch this training on how you can send people with YOUR link to the free Reputation report

Step 4: Advertise to targeted groups

DON’T Do crazy and stupid things like buying ‘Click packages’ or guaranteed clicks, or even solo ads (unless you know the list VERY VERY well)

Be smart – and target small, but interested groups of people.

Send them to the report, the webinar, the sales page – how ever you like.

But think carefully on WHO would be the ideal customer

and then HOW you can get your message in front of them.

You will need to do some effort here.

Either with advertising, or some other form of lead generation.

It will NOT happen for you… if you aren’t showing people.

Get your link

and make sure everyone knows that their business is at risk – that is why they need Repwarn.

As another resource

here is a list of 50 industry types I thought of that you can begin to target.


The way to your first sale…. is to get your link in front of people 

(Q: But what if they aren’t interested…?
A: Then they won’t buy. But here is the point. If you never show them, you guarantee they won’t buy. So you need to take your shot.)

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