IMPORTANT: New Payments. Email Alerts. Special Offers

Important Updates: Please Read

  • New Payment SystemWe are live with our new payment system: this is an IMPORTANT CHANGE for you as a Repwarn Reseller
  • Email AlertsA new feature added which makes the alerts targeted to the correct recipient
  • Special offers and discountsThis is a massive change for us. Have existing clients, or deal in a different currency…. this will blow you away.

New Payment System

Our New payment system is now LIVE

and that means you, as a reseller, need to take some important steps.

You will need to change your LINKS

Meaning that, you need to change from using your DealGuardian links.

Inside your Resellers area

shown here in the menu

You will now see TWO links

And you need to start using the ONE ON THE RIGHT

This is crucial.

We still have in place the tracking from your old links
So no sales will be lost.
But please change all your advertising to the new links asap.

We increased the cookie on your links from 30 days
to 90 days!
MEANING… even if someone you showed 3 months ago comes back to the site from any advertising…. YOU will get credit for the sale.

Please log in, get your new links
And change all your marketing.

on the Resellers page.

the new LITE payment option is available with up to 10 Keywords for $39.95 per month – Our tests showed a significant increase in conversions which means more return for your effort.

New Email Specific On Alerts

is that you can now set individual emails on alerts.

Meaning that Specific people can be designated to receive specific alerts.

Why is this useful?
A franchise could set a specific franchisee to receive alerts for a specific location

A company with several product lines could set the manager of the specific departments to receive the alerts relevant to them.

the list is endless 

What’s needed…

In Settings, (from the RW menu drop down in the top right)

The user can now enter in additional email addresses to their account

And then when creating an alert

the new STEP 8
allows the person to set WHICH email is to receive this specific alert.

Specials, Managed Services and Foreign Currency. (HUGE!)

In a MAJOR policy shift

I am putting something in place that will help ALL of you, to make the most of your investment into Repwarn as a Reseller.

This isn’t live as yet, but will be coming through in the following weeks.

In a CAREFULLY CONTROLLED (more on that in a second) method, You will soon be able to have specific pricing of Repwarn for your customers.

What do I mean….
Let’s say for example… you have exisiting clients that you provide a managed service for.
You want to add Repwarn to their bill, but getting them to signup for something more just isn’t easy.
You will be able to simply add them in as a user, direct from your Repwarn resellers dashboard.
The account will be created for them, they will be emailed their  confirmation link and BOOM – they are up and running.
(No transaction necessary)
that means… that you can just add in the repwarn system to their monthly bill.
and they don’t need to do anything.

This is HUGE.

But we are controlling it VERY tightly.

Initially, you will each be given JUST ONE credit, allowing you to add ONE business in.

Then, on a case by case basis, we will add credits to your account, allowing you to add in new users.
You will be able to contact our support desk, and state your case.
Showing us invoices or payment proof to show that you are charging for the service and if approved, we will add credits to your account, so you can then add customers to repwarn.

It doesn’t affect our business income, whatever you charge
But if it helps YOU make money… then that is the whole point of being a Reseller.

This isn’t ‘open season’ where you can just charge what you like, or give the system away. You will need to present specific business cases
And credits to add new users will be carefully controlled.


This is where it gets massively exciting for Repwarn Resellers in countries outside the US.
if (for example) You want to setup a service in Euro’s or Australian dollars (as an example)
you can now do this…
You can’t just advertise Repwarn, and show a different price.
that isn’t what we are here for, and that would be damaging for everyone.

You CAN however, charge a fee in your own currency
for ‘Services including reputation management’
and then use the credit system to add new users.

Payment will be taken by you
verified by us and you will have the ability to add those users to Repwarn from your dashboard.

This is HUGE
let me know if it works for you.


Today’s update is a huge one.
please take action on the links straight away.

I look forward to sending you more news soon.

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