New Updates to Search – Oct 2015

There have been some major updates to repwarn in the past 30 days.

We have improved the search results (live release on the 14th of October)

What used to be:
A key word placed in the system.

Bad Service Joe’s Diner

Was handled on different systems in different ways.

On some web pages (for example) the exact phrase ‘Bad Service Joe’s Diner’
would have to be written to trigger (how it SHOULD be)

But – on other sites we were finding a paragraph listed as

“I had such a bad day, I went to Joe’s house and then to his local Diner, because I like the service.

Would also trigger the alert
Which is NOT how it is supposed to be.

(these phrases are examples)

As of this update, all new searches are now using the EXACT match search terms.

We are also releasing the Ancillary terms (within 72 hours of this post)

That allow you to put in simply “Joe’s Diner”

And list out any and all additional words

Joe’s Diner – will trigger the alerts

And the Ancillary terms will affect the ‘Sentiment’ of the post.

Sentiment is a big release for Repwarn, and will be out shortly.

You can see the design of how it will look on release.

Additional changes include GeoGraphical targetting

and the ‘No Mention’ Domain only alert.
this is HUGELY powerful, and there will be a separate post and training on this feature itself.

Basically… What if you had a restaurant or business listing on a site, like Yelp, Tripadvisor or Google Plus.
Someone somes to your page and leaves a comment – but never mentions your business name itself

“I ate here and it was awful”

There is no way Repwarn would pick up on that – and you certainly wouldn’t want to have an alert with the word Awful, as every time, in every page for ever, would trigger and it would be system overload.

So – the no mention, URL monitor allows you to setup specific domain pages, and then ANY change to it – will trigger an alert.

Each page ‘style’ has to be optimized to look for changes, so we are adding the most popular ones first – and as always, let us know of any sites as a whole you need us to prioritise.


the new design will be live within the coming weeks

and will update the whole feel of the system.

Example below.

There’s loads more happening with your Repwarn system.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates.

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