Our Resellers Internal Promotion

Setting up Your Resellers Internal Promotion

$500 Cash Prize To The Winner!

Let’s make this a REALLY successful promotion for you. There is a $500 Cash Prize to whoever brings the most sales between now and the end of the month… so, get started and Hammer out as much as you can. (get in front… stay in front)

STEP 1: Get Your Links. 

You can promote to one of two places.

Direct to the sales page, you can be making sales RIGHT NOW: 
you will need to apply and be approved HERE
to be sending traffic straight to the sales page

You can send people to the webinar sign up page, I will be doing a full walkthrough of the Resellers opportunity
and sending them to the buy page during the webinar. where, when they purchase, the sale will be credited to you!
You will need to get your links HERE 
To promote in that style.


Promote in THREE Stages. 

FIRST STAGE – Starting Now. Promote direct to the sales page for the next two or three days:
(use this link)

SECOND STAGE, from Tuesday the 26th Of April.
Send them to the Webinar Signup page.  (use this link )
Send three or four emails (or run ads) to the database at this time. Promote to the registration page.
Remind people of WHY they want to signup. Tell them the time spent on the webinar will help them have a business of their own and it is well worth their time.

Promote hard to the webinar from Tuesday, I will do ALL I can to make it a success for you.

THIRD STAGE: After the webinar is done is the real crunch time.
And we are going to close hard for THREE DAYS – all the way until the end of Sunday night.
During this stage, I suggest sending at least one email on the Friday morning, and then to your ‘unopens’ on friday evening. the same on Saturday,

and then on Sunday, schedule at least 3 full send outs. In the morning, the afternoon and the evening, with the final one going out around 7pm with urgency of just a few hours left to grab the offer.

During this third stage USE BOTH LINKS IN YOUR EMAILS. 
Tell people, “If you have been waiting for the last minute – this is it! Go straight to THIS LINK (sales page) to grab this opportunity before it closes.
If you haven’t seen the webinar yet GO HERE (webinar link)
to view.

This is the exact strategy I use on my own promotions and top marketers all follow the same rules. WHY? Because it works.
It may seem like a lot of effort – but, remember…. all sales you make during this promotion will continue to pay you MONTHLY on a recurring residual income.
Now THAT is worth really hammering for a week for…. right?


Send out EMAILS. there are a ton of pre written emails. You can copy and paste, or modify to suit yourself.
DO THIS AGGRESSIVELY – it will pay you back.

ADVERTISING: There is also a STACK of banners you can use,
TIP: Advertising direct to the sales page on Facebook may be difficult, as they don’t like pages with JVZOO buttons on them. Advertise to the WEBINAR page (use the specific link)  Or build a quick BRIDGE page, where people land on, and then click another button to go to your link to the sales page.

VIDEOS: Use The software that has come out recently including Hydravid to get a LOT OF VIDEOS out there into the marketplace. Use the software for youtube advertising to drive as much traffic as you can to the pages. It is WORTH IT for a recurring income commission.


For the videos, get some made up FAST (use video maker FX or explaindio or anything you own). Really go fast for this… the contest is only until the end of the month. ($500 to the winner… plus a recurring commission income)

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