Repwarn update Stop businesses Going Around You And the NO TRIAL offer

EXCITING UPDATE: Make sure businesses Buy through you and offering NO trial

Great news.

The new sales page for Repwarn is live.

This means your main Deal Guardian link points to
and no other domain.

Why is this important.
Because as long as the customer sees your link FIRST (clicks from an add, see’s it on a business card etc)
then they will be linked to you.

If they think about if for a few days, or a few weeks
and then just go straight back to and buy – it will still be tracked to YOU  YAY!

Also in the video I cover off… what if you DON’T want to offer a customer a trial. if they are ready to get started and you just want to get them signed up and ready – then GREAT.
There is also the ‘Skip the trial link’
Again, make sure they have come to your link first – then scroll, click and get them to pay.

More to come!

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