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12 Responses to “Reseller Training Tip: How to use the It’s Too Late Close”

  1. Donald Crawford

    another way to approach this type of close is to say… “it is never too late” What works well in this approach is to find similar situations that they may have chosen to use a product or service.

    Such as…

    alarm systems.

    Many businesses who choose to protect their business from all sorts of reasons. Bring up a few.

    Did your business get broken into? What about businesses in the area?
    Do you think you feel better knowing you are protected?
    You also get a discount from your insurance company, right?

    Is there any insurance company who will pay you for lost business due to “BAD INFORMATION” on the web? I think not…

    Wouldn’t RepWarn serve as your 1st line of defence in those cases? What if I can show you how it can also make you money?

    So you WIN with RepWarn on both sides of the coin, Do you see it Mr. Customer?

    Let’s get you started on our 7 Day “ZERO RISK” $1 Dollar Trial.

    can you give me your complete business info? Finish the sale…

    You see it is asking questions that you know they “HAVE” to say YES to. You noticed the keypad next the door and CCTV cameras all around the inside and outside.

    Business owners will pay for PROTECTION. You can show them how our protection pays them back in more business and happier clients and customers.

    Hope this helps everyone. It’s not hard to find the soft spots in people. Just keep your eyes open for the clues.

  2. Martyn Brown

    One thing I do find is that the potential client (or even existing clients) stall the buying process by needing to ‘think about it’ first’. This always stops the sale from going through as they never seem to be ready to give the ‘Go ahead’ decision.

    I’ve tried creating urgency by saying, ‘Buy now while it is at the launch price’, but they clearly realise that that is just a way to get them to commit.

    So, what I do now is work out how much money they are LOSING in a year by the bad reviews displaying and putting everyone off visiting their pub/restaurant.

    Then I work out how much per month it is, which gives me a figure in my head to tell them about.

    So, telling them that they must be losing $30,000 a year by potential customers not booking a table, that is $2500.00 per month and so, by signing up with me NOW they can save more than the sum of my fee, right away.

    By NOT signing up with me now, they are going to lose yet another £2500.00.

    This creates the urgency for them to ‘Buy Now!’.

  3. Steve

    Very nice techniques from both Donald and Martyn. But, where do I find more details of the “7 Day “ZERO RISK” $1 Dollar Trial” offer?

    • walterbayliss

      Right there on the front page Steve 🙂
      All your clients are given a $1 trial for 7 days
      (Unless you steer them specifically to the NO TRIAL page)


  4. Suzette Kooyman

    This is such a great community! Walt with your constant contact to the resellers and listening to their needs and acting quickly upon them and the information shared by the resellers themselves for ideas and understanding. I am so glad that I was able to jump on board with all of you!

    To all of you (including me) I wish you much success!


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