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2 Responses to “Resellers Catch up Jan 2017”

  1. Jim Fisher

    Got a concern Walt…
    I see on the free trial sales page there is a button for “a free 60 second checkup on your business”. I offer a similar service through my local marketing agency, where I would also be promoting RepWarn.
    My concern is that you will be marketing other services similar to what I offer at my agency, to customers I send to you for RepWarn. If that is true, I probably don’t want to be a reseller for RepWarn, as there are other rep mgmt. companies out there who wouldn’t compete against me.

    • walterbayliss

      Hi Jim!
      Anyone that comes to the site and registers for the free report is linked to YOU (the reseller that brought them)
      We have 30 days of follow up in the system (via emails)
      for those who register for the report, and always those leads are linked to the reseller (if they buy at any time, it’s linked back to you)

      We haven’t ever (in 2 years of being opened) Sent any of our other products out to repwarn customers.
      Not saying it won’t ever be the case, but at most – it may be one product in a year.


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