Setting Unique Pricing and COUPONS for Rewparn Resellers

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  1. Ryan

    A question about our leads….

    I went through one of my links and signed up, but do not see anywhere in the back office where there is a place to see our leads.

    I know that the signup and email came from Walt and his GetResponse, so I know we aren’t capturing the leads.

    Is there a way that we too get access to our leads?


  2. Mark

    I’m trying to put together a webinar to sell another product. RepWarn compliments the other product perfectly so I want to offer a 50% discount to RepWarn as a part of the “bundle” price. The problem is according to the video, I have to enter an email for each individual. I would like to have a link that I can put on my webinar for people to go to (if they don’t buy RepWarn they don’t get the other product). How can I set that up? Especially if I have 50-100 people on the webinar and 10-20 decide to buy. I’m also hoping to make the webinar evergreen (I’m using Webinar JEO), so I won’t be “on” the webinar to actually send the individuals their own discount links. How can I work that out? Thanks

    • walterbayliss

      Hi Mark,
      It’s definitely not set up to do that.
      Next thing you know, you would have people giving it away all over the place.
      (and that would really de-value the resellers offer)

      So – there isn’t a way to do it ‘on mass’
      You will need to get them to submit their email and set each manually.

  3. Kirby Howard

    Good afernoon Walt,
    I understand that we cannot advertise a lower price than $97. However, as you said, we can offer a discount to clients in our business we currently have. So is it possible to say that the $97 RepWarn subscription is “included” in what we offer?


  4. Darren Zastepa

    Hi walter

    Would there be any chance of changing the dollars to pounds for the UK on the sales page and risk calculator just feel there would be raised eyebrows trying to sell repwarn as a business here when everything’s in dollars any help would be appreciated.


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