New Banners For Repwarn Resellers

Hi Everyone,
I asked my team to put together a set of banners for you to use in your promotions.

We have covered all the most popular web sizes with some great looking graphics.

Preview below

and then click the link to download them all in a zip file

Use in any way you choose.


facebook size

Right Click And Save (on the green button)

(right) Click Here

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19 Responses to “Some COOL banners for you to use in your marketing.”

    • walterbayliss

      Hi Greg – no troubles. Make sure to check out the post on businesses ‘going around you’
      so long as they click from your link first –
      You will still be credited for the sale even weeks later.

      I hope that helps.
      Great to have you with us.

  1. Edgar Allen

    G’day Walt –

    Thanks for the great additional banners. I really, really like them. Super job, mate. I’ve been following you for a while and am glad to get an opportunity like this working with you.

    Hoo Roo

  2. Calixte

    Thanks Walt for that!
    Oops! If only I could translate these banners in french!
    I am developing RepWarn in the francophone world, but I do not know how to receive banners in french.

    Did you once thought of this?

  3. Randy

    Hey, Walt,

    Thanks for the great banners and for all the support you offer. This is a great product and a great project for me>

  4. Tavis

    Do you have versions that are sized for FB NewsFeed and will pass the Facebook 20% text rule? (or, just the background and we can photoshop our own ad copy on top)


  5. Nancy

    These banners are really great. I was about to hire someone to make new ones but I was able to edit these myself to personalize them for my domain. Thanks so much for all of your support Walt!


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