Two New Promotional Videos For You

Hi Guys,
Todays update
Just some nice little promotional videos for you.
Use them to run ads with
generate leads
drive traffic!

Download them - and upload to your own youtube channels or facebook.
Use as you like

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14 Responses to “Some Extra Promotional Material For you :)”

  1. David Salyer

    Great Walt!

    Just what I was wishing for, a short informative, attention grabbing video!
    I’ve found that when cold-calling businesses, the shorter, the better.
    Thank you,
    Dave Salyer
    Clearwater, Fl

  2. Justin

    Nice! Appreciate the quality videos being offered, Walt! That will save a lot of time in creating supporting content. Just tested the Repwarn software last night and was impressed with how simple and powerful it is; we’re planning on offering the software as part of a “Reputation Management Package” for our small business clients.

  3. Donald Crawford

    Great videos for Reputation Management, there is so many niches and each can have it’s own video…

    Will be happy to write some scripts as well…

    RepWarn is Pre-Warn… this is a great tool even for private eyes, car brokers, travel agents, writers, investors… every niche can use RepWarn, that is 100% of the internet, even people can watch all their favorite movie stars, fantasy football players… you get the drift…

    There is no reason for anyone to sell this product at a discount… it will earn people money ASAP!

  4. Wayne Standiford

    Thanks so much, I sent off my first e-mail this morning and will soon blast everyone I can find. Using Trace I found on resort that had one nasty review and that is the one I contacted. Taking it slow so but hope to hammer down soon.

  5. sue

    So we can use trace to find businesses who got a bad review, and send one of the videos
    to them? Does the video go right to the no trial version? No idea how to accomplish
    that. I want to do this using emails and videos only, i can not speak to people. Seems to me the videos are straightforward, they get it or they do not. Would that work?

    Otherwise i have to find someone very inexpensive to handle incoming calls, and they need to know what to say. I do not want to do that.

    • walterbayliss

      Hi Sue,
      Yes – great idea.
      follow the training and see the best way to show them the Ebook report or recorded webinar
      And use trace to send them to those pages.
      Make sure to include your link.
      (covered in the training)

  6. Suzette Kooyman

    These are great short intros! Thanks! LOL I kept right clicking wondering why it wouldn’t down load but as soon as I “Left clicked” it went it downloaded just fine. LOL

    Thanks again!

  7. Abdullah Ibrahim

    Hello Walt, your vedio promotional materials are good but unable to download by right click. It comes out different – open in a new tab, open in new window, copy link, select all and inspect element. I don’t know where is wrong.

    • walterbayliss

      Hi Abdullah –
      Try a simple left click. it may open and allow you to save.



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