The Lost Art Of The Phone

Making calls to Businesses

The lost art of picking up the phone.

Love it or hate it - some of the most successful people in sales - drilled themselves on the phone scripts.

At one stage, it was the ONLY way to fill your calendar.

These days we have advertising, media and even outsourcing to help us.

Sometimes though... When you want to make sales regularly, you just need to make appointments and call.

To that end - we have had a professional telemarketing company write up 3 scripts for you to use in your telesales approaches.

Remember - the goal of the call is to set an appointment.
(or at the very least - get them to the webinar)

Download in PDF Format (click here)

Download in Word Docx format to edit (click here)

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2 Responses to “The Lost Art Of The Phone”

  1. Steve Haldi

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I’ll be the first to admit, phone sales are not one of my strengths. It’s an area I know I need to grow in. This should be a huge help for me and my recently hired account manager!

  2. Randy

    Hey, Walt, Great share! I’ve worked b2b, mostly by phone since the ’70s and have written many successful phone scripts myself. These are a great base for anyone to work from. If they’re not experienced or comfortable working the phone the secret is take these, add your own personality and make yourself pick up the phone.

    It sounds funny to say, but I’ve trained literally thousands of folks to either set leads or sell by phone…I promise (if you’re money motivated) it gets easier…and these scripts are a good place to start.


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