Repwarn Reseller Update. Interface Changes. Payments and Staffing

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17 Responses to “Update Repwarn Resellers Nov 6th 2015”

  1. Aa Scott

    This is fantastic news! Walt thanks again for your continued support. you rock! can’t wait to see how all this works to help us and our clients utilize the full potential of RepWarn

  2. Ben Smith

    Walt fantastic updates thank you, these have been the elements that were concerning us and holding us back.

    Great work by you and your team and I look forward to seeing the changes.

  3. Chik Quintans

    Thank you for he update, Walt! The two tier option will be huge for my market and looking forward to the new interface. Love the investment into your on boarding support. That is a big one.

  4. David Cox

    Awesome announcements, Walt! Looking forward to the New Interface, New Payment Plan and working with Deborah!

  5. Teri Helms

    That is very exciting news. Thank you Walt for your attention to detail. The two-tiered pricing will be an extremely helpful selling point for smaller businesses or individual users who don’t need to set hundreds of alerts. Having a person dedicated to help new customers get oriented to the system will be extremely helpful, too.

    Welcome Deborah! I am looking forward to working with you.

  6. Bambi

    I am “THRILLED” with the updates. A live person and 2 tier pricing. thank you also for adding the ‘US’ pricing on the page for all us in other countries. the support is great!

  7. Randy Farber

    Love these updates. Geo and tiered pricing are awesome.

    I can’t wait until the various emails per alert, are implemented!!!

  8. jim

    Great news Walt! I am super-excited about all the updates/enhancements. Any chance to offer a HIGHER price point as well? I would like to sell the service to plastic surgeons/attorneys at $197-$297/mo…

    • walterbayliss

      πŸ™‚ thanks Jim – not at the moment. They should see it as a real bargain πŸ™‚
      Go get 20 or 30 of them
      Great to have you with us.


  9. Martyn Brown

    Walt, this is encouraging news.

    I have put together promo material, launched a website, produced a promo video on Rep Management and posted to Social Media in order to create a buzz for my main November launch of RepWarn to my potential customers.

    However, I won’t launch big-time until the above updates have been implemented as they are such a MASSIVE improvement this really will make a difference to take-up.

    Thanks for the ongoing support to get this perfect and for arranging a bright future for those resellers who have put their trust in you and the team.

    Cheers, Martyn Brown

  10. Jay

    Good stuff Walt; I really appreciate what you’re doing. Chuffed πŸ™‚

    Quick Q that may help others here too: we have been using both DealGuardian’s Tracking IDs. How do we replicate this in the new system? We’re continuing to build stuff out and want to go all in on the new schema.




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