Updated Welcome Video

The New Resellers Welcome Video

The new WELCOME video is live in the Repwarn Resellers area

Why is this important for you to watch?


Because it also references the new payment system and links.

Great to have you with us!


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2 Responses to “Updated Welcome Video”

  1. Corinne

    Great update there, Walt. As usual, you’ve been consistently helping us all the way. For that, I salute you and thank you so much!
    I just have a concern ‘tho, if we’re no longer associated with Deal Guardian, probably you can change the “Setting Up Your Link” video in the Sales Training Area on the Reseller Tools. Another thing is in regards to the links like the free report and the webinar link, how can we integrate that to our autoresponder, I’m using Get Response by the way. Is it possible for you to make a training for that?


    • walterbayliss

      Hi Corrine,
      if you are sending to the centralised free report, the leads are all entered into the getresponse campaign – and sent links that will lead them back to the main sales page.
      (if they buy later, you still get the credit)
      if you want to run your own autoresponder system – I put up a training on the blog (see it in the menu above) that talks about setting up funnels and that will walk you through it.
      I hope that helps.
      Great to have you with us.


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